Rats Mod 1.15.2/1.12.2 For Minecraft

Rats Mod 1.15.2/1.12.2

  • Author: alex1the1666
  • Minecraft version: 1.12.2
  • Mod version:  1.0.2
  • Original link

Rats is a mod developed by alex1the1666 that adds rats to Minecraft, to the delight of players with musophobia. Surprisingly, this mod for Minecraft is extremely complete and adds various mechanisms related to rats such as breeding, automation of crafts, the possibility of working rats, etc.

In this article, we present the mod in its entirety, you can consult the wiki to have access to all the information:

How the Rats mod works:

You will be able to meet rats when it is dark and generally, they will try to flee you. However, they can become very annoying because they can dig through the wood to steal food or seeds from your chests. They can also pass through barriers and doors which will require adding protection for your base. For that, it will be necessary to make a rat trap like this:

Other solutions are available to you such as having an ocelot in your base or then building your base with stone. Another aspect of the mod is the integration of cheese. When you pour milk into a cauldron, you will get a block of cheese which can be made into 4 pieces of cheese:

It is a good source of food and especially helps tame a rat. 

For that, it will be necessary to find a rat and to throw him between 10 and 15 pieces of cheese so that it is tamed. Once tamed, you can open its interface and also carry it on your head or your shoulder. To do this, use the key to squat by left-clicking on it and to remove it, squat by clicking in the air.

The rat interface:

Via this one several commands are available:

  • Wander – The rat will move in the same way as if it behaved wildly.
  • Stay here – The rat will sit and won’t move.
  • Follow Me – The rat will follow its owners like a wolf or an ocelot.
  • Hunt Prey – The rat will target and attack all animals and creatures in the area. 
  • Transport Items – Use a cheese stick (cheese + stick in the craft table) to bind it to the rat. A furtive click on an inventory (chest, oven, other mod machines, etc.) will mark this inventory so that the rat can take objects from it, while a click on an inventory will mark an inventory so that the rat can deposit it items. Once the rat has a marked depot and pick up inventory, it will begin to transport items from one to the other.

  • Gather Items – The rat will search the area for grass blocks (to find seeds) or mature crops to harvest. Use the cheese stick to define a storage location.
  • Hunt Prey – The rat will hunt small creatures or hostile mobs. Note that by default, unimproved rats are fairly weak and easy to kill for monsters. For moot loots, the use of a cheese stick is necessary to define the storage location. 

The improvements :

Via the rat interface, you can see what he is wearing, give him a helmet, equip him, and manage his improvements.

There is a multitude of improvements that can be made for rats, ranging from simple health and speed improvements to massive gains in strength and armor to new abilities like cooking food and carrying whole stacks of objects. Most of these improvements can be made with cheese and diamonds. You can find the complete list at this address

Classic upgrade:

Used only for crafting other enhancements.


Double the speed of your rat.


The rat will be able to transfer entire stacks at once.


By default, the rat will have 20 life points.


The rat will have 10 armor points by default.


The rat’s strength will increase by 5.


The rat will have 40 health, 12 armor and 10 attack.

Battle God:

The rat will have 500 life points, 50 armor and 50 attack /

Chef’s hat:

The rat will make a Confit Byaldi. We leave you the pleasure of discovering what it is.

Raising a rat:

To breed rats, and to create new colors, you have to make a rat cage:

You can place a rat in a cage by first putting it on your shoulder and then interacting with the cage. It can be released from the cage by simply clicking on it. If you put a rat of the opposite sex in the cage, they will breed daily and create 1 to 5 pups. These babies have a chance to have new color mutations not present in their parents.

Caution is advised when dealing with wild rats, as some of them are carriers of fatal diseases. These rats have bright, bright red eyes and green, mangy fur. They are hostile to sight and will make strange noises when they meet a player.

Automation of crafts:

Taming rats can do a multitude of things, but one of the most important is autografting. You can start the self-crafting process by giving a tame rat the Crafting Upgrade improvement, and placing the rat on a rat craft table:

When you click on it, you will have this interface:

The first box on the left is reserved for the object to be manufactured. If the object contains several recipes, the arrows can help the user to decide which recipe to use. The red boxes indicate the elements necessary for the recipe, and the 9 elements in the middle are entries (which can be conveyed by hoppers or transport rats). The rat at the top-left indicates the presence or not of a rat above the table.


Atlantis is an accessible dimension when you create a special portal. To do this, you must use a token that is rarely found on rats (1 chance in 10,000).

When you have the token, simply place it on a block to open a portal to Atlantis.

This new dimension is a tropical world filled with archipelagos and ruins made of marbled cheese. It housed an extinct civilization known as the Ratlanteans, but these people are now extinct and now make way for monstrous inhabitants.

Some pictures of the dimension:

Atlantis provides access to unique resources such as glove flower and generates minerals where the emerald is found in abundance. You can come across various creatures such as spirits, automata, pirates, savages, etc. 


Atlantean automaton:

The controllers are old machines created by Atlanteans. They can be made like an iron golem. Place 3 marbled kinds of cheese, a Ratlantean Automaton Core and ahead of Ratlantean Automaton :

Once summoned, it will attack all creatures not from the Atlantic dimension. Upon death, you can obtain arcane technology which can be used to craft an enhancement for your rat.

Black Plague :

The black plague is a boss who summons many creatures to defend themselves, spread the plague, and wreak havoc. The only way to get access to the boss is for a plague doctor to be struck by lightning. When he dies, you can recover equipment such as a black plague mask or a scythe.

Neo Ratlantean:

The Neo-Ratlante flies very quickly on a blue disc and will maintain its distance from the player. As it flies, it will open portals around the player to detonate them with projectiles. Upon death, you can get a psionic rat brain.

The wild Atlantean:

The wild Atlantean will rush and bite the player. It will quickly swing its two front limbs when it attacks. It deals 5 damage points for each attack. When he dies, you have a chance to recover an automaton head.

The ratlantean spirit:

The spirits will fly around the player, such as the Nether ghasts. They will attack all players with a spiritual flame. When he dies, you can recover a spiritual flame.

The pirate rat: 

The pirate rat is a creature you can find on a boat in Atlantis. He will use his cannon to attack the player from a distance. When you kill him, you have a chance to get a pirate hat. 

Rats mod gallery

Rast Mod 1.15.2/1.12.2 Free Download Links:

The 1.12.2 release of the mod Rats requires the API Forge + Llibrary . The Version 1.14.4 & 1.15.2 requires Forge + Citadel


Forge [1.12.2 – 1.15.2]


Rats Mod [1.15.2]

Rats Mod [1.14.4]

Rats Mod [1.12.2]


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