Packed Up Mod Minecraft 1.15.1/1.15.2


New backpacks to increase the carrying capacity of objects.

Packed Up 1.15.1/1.15.2 is a mod that will allow us to make backpacks to increase our carrying capacity and will allow us to have dozens of chests full of resources and various objects. In total the mod will allow us to manufacture a total of seven backpacks. All of these backpacks are made with predetermined materials in the game, except two, the copper one and the silver one.

In the image below we can see all the backpacks that this mod offers. From left to right, the standard backpack offers three rows of storage. The iron one offers four rows of storage. The copper one offers four rows. The gold one offers five rows. The diamond backpack offers seven rows of storage. Lastly, the obsidian backpack offers eight rows of storage.

These seven variations of backpacks cannot be individually manufactured. That is, first we have to make the standard backpack, which we can upgrade to an iron backpack, which can be improved to a copper or iron backpack. The iron one can be upgraded to a gold backpack. The gold one can be upgraded to diamond and the diamond one can be upgraded to obsidian backpack.

How to install Packed Up Mod for Minecraft 1.15.1/1.15.2?

  • Download Minecraft Forge 1.15.1 and 1.15.2
  • Download Packed Up Mod 1.15.1 and 1.15.2
  • Double-click the downloaded Forge file to run the installer.
  • Paste the downloaded mod file into the .minecraft / mods folder
  • We can now make these new backpacks!

Packed Up Mod Minecraft 1.15.1/1.15.2 Download Links:

Descargar Packed Up Mod para Minecraft 1.15.1 y 1.15.2