Kit Spleef Map 1.8.9/1.15.2 For Minecraft

  • Author: ravbuganimations
  • Minecraft version: 1.8.9 to 1.15.2
  • Map Type: Mini Games
  • Original link

The Spleef is an old concept like Minecraft and which, moreover, has known how to cross the ages. In almost ten years of existence, it remains as popular. The original principle is simplistic: with a diamond shovel, you must break the blocks of snow under the feet of your opponents to make them fall. The last player in the arena wins.

Kit Spleef Map 1.8.9/1.15.2 is a Minecraft map produced by ravbuganimations which takes up this concept to refine it and bring it up to date. On this card, you can play with as many friends as you want and it includes various parameters that you can configure such as sudden death, players managed by an AI, the characteristics of the terrain, etc.

Each Spleef type map is reworked by its author and offers various functionality. Find below the characteristics of Kit Spleef.

The kits:

When you dig into the map, you will get the experience that will allow you to get special items.

Snow shoveler

  • Allows you to obtain an unbreakable diamond shovel
  • It can easily slice the platform

Special Ability: Powder that stuns the enemy (5 levels)

  • Slow down, nearby players.


  • Shoot arrows that make 3 x 3 holes where they land!

Special ability: TNT arrows (4 levels)

  • Shoot explosive arrows that blow up holes in the map!


  • It allows you to spawn creepers that accelerate towards their target and explode, creating new holes on the map.

Special capacity: proximity mine (4 levels)

  • Place an almost invisible mine that explodes when opponents approach it.


  • Be anywhere in a flash with ender pearls.

Special Ability: Place Swapper (7 Levels)

  • Switch places with a random player on the map


  • Stack your way to victory with an unlimited amount of snow blocks!

Special ability: magic boots (6 levels)

  • With these magic boots, walk on a snow platform thanks to your boots.

Configuration parameters

  • Keep loot between games: Allows players to keep items they have collected during games. Uncheck this option to empty everyone’s inventory each turn.
  • See Players Through the Walls: Lets you give each player the Glowing effect, allowing you to see their silhouette through the walls.
  • AI Team Level: Defines the level of difficulty of the AI. It also enables/disables them.
  • A team can win: Allows the AI ​​team to win rounds. Deactivate to end the game when only one human player remains, even if there are still AI players who survive.
  • Object Jukebox Flow: Control the speed at which Object Jukeboxes appear in the arena, or turn them off.
  • Terrain: Generates stairs, walls and small forts on each layer of the arena. Disable for a classic spleef experience with flat terrain.
  • Lock Kit: Replace all players’ kits with a specific kit. You can also replace each player’s kit with a random kit.
  • A spectator in the next round: Be spectator in the next round. You cannot use revenge mode.
  • Non-breakable shovel: By default, all kits except Snow Shoveler receive fast and weak shovels that must be recharged. Activate this parameter to make all the excavators in the kits unbreakable.
  • Regeneration Speed: Controls the speed at which players recover after taking damage. You can also completely turn off health regeneration.
  • A number of layers of snow: Adjust the arena to generate between 1 and 3 platforms.
  • Powers: Allow the kits to activate their special ability.
  • Revenge Mode: Allows players to activate revenge mode.
  • Daylight cycle: Activate or deactivate the day/night cycle of Minecraft. The lamps in the hall will activate at night.
  • Set the time of day: Allows you to change between 8 different time modes.
  • Auto start after 30 seconds: This card requires players to stand close to each other to start the round, to make sure everyone is ready. With large groups, this can be difficult to coordinate. Activate this parameter so that the round begins automatically 30 seconds after the end of the previous round, whether or not the players stand close to each other.

This card will probably not work on servers that contain plugins! Please use a vanilla server to ensure the stability of the mini-game.


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