Friki Jiki’s Death Run Map 1.15.2 For Minecraft

  • Auteur : MikeLeonCraft
  • Version de Minecraft : 1.15.2
  • Type de Map : Parkour
  • Lien Original

Isn’t it fun to play on an aesthetically beautiful card that stands out from the others with an atypical style whose sounds and colors tickle our senses? While a large part of the parkours maps available today focus mainly on the race itself, others prefer to revisit the genre by adding new ways of approaching the course or by improving other elements of the game. Friki Jiki’s Death Run perfectly confirms this assertion, it is a visual experience to live fully in Minecraft.

It’s after a long day at work that you get into your bed to rest. Only, this time, your dream is a bit special, since it is not one. You are awake in the land of the Ancient Gods, where you are not welcome. Friki Jiki, the god of death, puts you to the test; reach the end of the course in less than 21 minutes. Be careful though, the stakes are high! Success will get you out of this nightmare. On the contrary, failure will forever exile you into the void.

It is therefore not only by its colorful visuals and its captivating music, inserted into a Latin Mexican universe that Friki Jiki’s Death Run stands out as a very good card. Indeed, although the gameplay includes mechanics already used, these are arranged in such a way and fit so well into the course that it takes a lot more pleasure than usual, especially when, as you are not very good on the course.

So it’s with great pleasure that we spend less than half an hour trying to get to the end. Meanwhile, Friki Jiki’s Death Run promises to be a starting point, an opening, for future Parkour maps that are equally artistically interesting.


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