Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator on Android

The official release of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator for Android will take place in the near future, there is no doubt about it, but now I want to have such a good game on hand on your mobile phone. Thanks to the players, it was possible to transfer the game to the popular mobile platform.


Features FNaF 6 on Android

The specifics of the FNaF 6 game on a PC is such that it is quite possible to implement full-fledged gameplay on Android devices. And although the management has become much more complicated in the new part of the game, new keyboard management features have been added, but it is possible to do this using the touch screen of modern smartphones. Thus, the full version of FNaF 6 on Android is just a matter of time. In the meantime, fans have dealt with this problem. It was possible to transfer partial functionality of the game to mobile devices, but the game is not yet complete.

Partial implementation of FNaF 6 on Android was done by Elsinsocerveza03. When you start the game, you see a menu to select the desired game episode. Now the choice comes down to two game points:

  1. Start of the FNaF 6 game
  2. Night trial

In the first version, you get access to an 8-bit mini-game, which starts at the first launch of Freddy Fazber Pizzeria Simulator. You play as a character with a Freddy bear and must feed the children.

In the second option, you immediately get to the office where you work at night. Visually, everything looks very realistic, the buttons are thoughtfully located and enlarged for ease of management and selection of the sequence of night tasks.

Such a game is more a demonstration of the possibility of transferring Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator to Android, rather than a full-fledged gaming event. We offer as an introduction to download this application, and soon replace it with the full version from the developer, which will be available in the same place.

The list of changes in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator on Android V3.0.0

Serious refinement was made by the author of the ported version of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator on Android in release 3.0..0. At this point, the work of the day shift was improved. The developer added the missing functions of increasing the size of the pizzeria, acquiring new items of the highest level, and also added opponents to the Nightshift when you can be attacked by Lefty during the performance of economic tasks.

Since the level of complexity was excessively high, the developer decided to help fans in this matter. The following improvements were made in this direction:

  • New Hazard Indicator
  • Ability to deter animatronics who are ready to attack at night with a flashlight
  • The improved scanner of the current location of animatronics
  • Removed nighttime ads if you opt-out of sponsorship

You can download and test new features in the game client using the link below

Full version of FNaF 6 on Android

What happened is what the fans of the game have been waiting for – the developer Scott Coughton nevertheless took up the mobile version of FNaF 6 and released it for Android devices. All the functionality of the computer version is also available in the portable version. Nothing has been deleted, and playing FNaF 6 from your phone is just as convenient. The only thing that is strongly recommended by the author in the presence of a more or less new device with 1GB of RAM. In this case, everything will work without problems. The installed version takes about 200mb of space. You can also download the cache for FNaF 6 separately. It will need to be unpacked from the archive into the / Android / OBB / folder before installing the game itself.
In the latest version of FNaF 6 1.0.3, various bugs were fixed, including the sometimes appearing black screen on some devices. It also improved the sounds in the game and got rid of performance problems. Update FNaF 6 on your phone and don’t forget about the cache.


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