Compact Ores Mod 1.15.2/1.14.4 For Minecraft

Compact Ores Mod 1.15.2

  • Author: DoubleNegation
  • Minecraft version: 1.14.4 – 1.15.2
  • Mod version: 1.1
  • Original link

There are many minerals in Minecraft, from iron to diamond to emerald and lapis lazuli. All are different by their use of course but also by the way they are obtained. For example iron ore can be mined with a stone pickaxe unlike a gold ore which requires at least one iron pickaxe, I hope to teach you nothing until then. The Compact Ores mod generates compact minerals in a world. As you will surely understand, these compact blocks release more minerals than normal and it must be admitted that finding a compact block of diamonds must be very practical.  


Some Minecraft ores in a compact form in a natural generation.

As can be seen in the screenshots above, the compact blocks only appear in the presence of the original ore, which means that the rarity of the latter is always the same. For example, one cannot find compact diamond ore alone, it must be accompanied by a vein, which makes it a compact ore rarer than the others, logical.  

Now let’s see in more detail the number of ores that each compact block releases: 

  • Coal : 3 to 5 minerals per compact block
  • Iron : 3 to 5 ores per compact block
  • Nether Quartz : 3 to 5 minerals per compact block
  • Redstone: from 12 to 25 ores per compact block
  • Gold: from 3 to 5 minerals per compact block
  • Lapis-Lazuli: from 12 to 40 ores per compact block
  • Diamond: from 3 to 5 minerals per compact block
  • Emerald : 3 to 5 minerals per compact block 

As you can see in this picture, the Compact Ores mod is quite compatible with many other mods.

A non-exhaustive list of compatible mods


  • The Farlanders
  • More Ores in One
  • NetherCraft
  • SimpleOres
  • Vulcanite Ore
  • XL Food

You can consult the complete list of compatible mods in your .minecraft / config / compactores / customizations folder


It is possible to configure  Compact Ores as you wish. Go to the .minecraft / config / compactors / customizations folder. You will find there many editable text files with the notepad. There is one for each compatible mod. You will notice that the first file does not correspond to a mod and if you open it you come across this: 

This file lists the parameters applied to all the minerals in the game. These are, as the name suggests, global parameters. minerals indicate the minimum factor by which the number of ores obtained is multiplied and maxRolls is the reverse, therefore the maximum factor. To clarify, take the example of lapis lazuli which releases between 4 and 8 resources per conventional ore. By default, we, therefore, have as loot between 4 x 3 = 12 and 8 x 5 = 40resources by compact ore. We can, therefore, change these values ​​for all the blocks of the game by counting the mods. Finally, in the last line, it is simply the probability for which an ore which appears is in compact form, by default it is 10%.   

Only, you may want to change the parameters of a single specific ore. In this case, simply choose the mod from which your ore is obtained and open the corresponding file. For the original Minecraft ores, this is the Minecraft file, logical isn’t it? I’ll take Minecraft base minerals for the example. 

Suppose we want to increase the number of diamonds obtained when a compact diamond ore is broken and the rate of appearance thereof. We will, therefore, mark the parameter changes below the corresponding ore, namely diamond for this example. This would therefore give:

I invite you to ask any questions in the comments.



Forge[1.14.4 – 1.15.2]

Mod: (Last version of the mod: 04/24/2020)

Compact Ores Mod [1.15.2]

Compact Ores Mod  [1.14.4]



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