Astral Chain Game Free Download (SWITCH)

Astral Chain Game Free Download


Game information

  • On sale: 8/30/2019

Astral Chain is a third-person action game with ‘hack and slash’ touchesfor the Nintendo Switch . Developed by Platinum Games and directed by Takahisa Taura, lead designer of Nier: Automata , it will take us to a future in which humanity must deal with all available means against a strange extraterrestrial threat that seems to corrupt the inhabitants and the city in which the story unfolds.

Moving to The Ark

Astral Chain takes place in The Ark , a Judge Dredd- style megacity , in which buildings are linked to each other and in which human beings live crowded and worried about their chores. With certain cyberpunk touches inherited directly from Blade Runner , The Ark is a futuristic , multicultural megalopolis , filled with intricate and crowded streets, neon lights, and hundreds of thousands of cables linking from one façade to another. In this complex but prosperous place, a mysterious portal soon opens from which mysterious alien creatures seem to be comingthat attack the population. The police, unable to deal with this threat, decide to take action on the matter and create a very powerful specialized team to be able to eliminate the aliens: Neuron .

The chained bond

Neuron is humanity’s last hope and therefore, the axis on which the Astral Chain gameplay will pivot . Neuron , the agency that welcomes the protagonists of the video game, uses very powerful living weapons called Legion , a kind of artificial beings that will be chained to the heroes and heroines of the title. Thanks to the bond that they keep with their companions, our characters can make very complex joint attacks , and even deal independently with the different aliens or monsters that try to attack us in the development of the title.

Also, as confirmed by PlatinumGames, beyond the unbridled action of combat, we will find certain elements of strategy that will lead us to eliminate waves of specific enemies, focus efforts against large rivals or serve different objectives at the same time. In Astral Chain we can choose to be a man or a woman, both twins, who will have in their hands to solve the greatest crisis that The Ark and the human race in general have faced .

We will have several classes of Legion characters , each with their abilities , being most recommended for melee, ranged, or mid-range attacks. From a robot with a rocket launcher to another one in the shape of a dog ideal for tracking and marking, the video game offers us different mechanics according to your choice. Another interesting aspect of Astral Chain is that it has a two-player mode, something that increases the dose of action, stealth and exploration that the study that will have the playable title proposal emphasizes.

A first-rate graphic and artistic section

Astral Chain will have a colorful and very anime visual style, responsibility of Masakazu Katsura , a Japanese artist famous for his work on Video Girl Ai and who has already collaborated on his day with Bayonetta 2.


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