7 Best Places To Drop You Didn’t Know About PUBG Miramar Map

“Where are the best drop zones in the Miramar”? It is the most concern of PUBG gamers. To answer this question as well as help readers understand the new map, let’s take a look at some attractive places in the PUBG Miramar map.

Where you should drop in PUBG Miramar map.


The first zone in our PUBG Miramar map guide is Pecado. It is in the center of the map and possesses a particular terrain. This helps Pecado attract the attention of PUBG gamers. And this is also the first choice of almost players.

Especially if you choose the abandoned arena area in Pecado, you will have a chance to find armor or helmet at level 3. After completing the mission, you can easily find the vehicles in the two areas of the city to get out of here.

Campo Militar

It is considered another version of Military Base in the Erangel map. Located in the northeast tip of the map, Campo Militar has a vast collection of weapons for anyone who chooses it as a dropping location.

Whether you choose the office area, police station, the center or the warehouses, you still have the chance to get modern weapons. Try to survive to gain as much booty as possible.

Hacienda del Patron

Hacienda del Patron is a tiny location.

On the PUBG Mobile Miramar map loot guide, it would be remiss if not mentioned Hacienda del Patron. It is a mansion located east of the San Martin town. It is an ideal location for gamers who choose this map.

Dropping here, you have chances to get hats and armor at Level 3 and necessary accessories. Just go around a building, you can get enough weapons for four people. However, you must be careful because the more items they have, the more dangers you are. 

Recently, the PUBG Mobile gamers community has found a unique hiding place at Hacienda Del Patron. It allows the player to see everything in the front yard of the area, increasing the survival rate.

Valle del Mar 

Valle del Mar is a port town located near the De Toro bridge. The west side of town is an abandoned school, and the east is a beautiful church. Valle Del Mar is the ideal place to start most of your activities as there are many buildings where players can loot items or hide. However, few people come here to get weapons because of its location. And finding a vehicle spawn on the nearby roads may not be too tricky so that you can get out of here.

Los Leones

Los Leones is the biggest city in PUBG Miramar Map.

Los Leones is a high-risk zone in this PUBG Mobile Miramar map guide. As one of the largest cities in Miramar, there are many buildings near the middle of the map. At Los Leones, you can jump down with your team to fight and get loot. But you worry that the weapons here are enough for the whole team. Our answer is “Yes”. 

Visit the stone houses or the grey concrete structures first because they often contain better items. Players should also find in multi-story buildings as they also provide a lot of equipment and necessary weapons.

Planta Potabilizadora

One of the areas that attract players in PUBG Miramar map is Planta Potabilizadora. Weapons are at the top as well as the bottom of the giant water tanks, so players must use all their skills to get items. They must use their climbing skills if they want to get good weapons. However, the disadvantage of this area is the lack of means to move. 


The zone is a favorite parachute location for many players with high-end weapons such as sniper rifles and ammunition, etc. Many factories, buildings, and shopping malls were abandoned along the main road. It makes this town become an exciting area to loot!

To Wrap Up

Hopefully, after this article, our PUBG Miramar map guide can help you know the best loot zones in the PUBG Miramar map. What are you waiting for? Pick up your mobile phone and download PUBG Mobile now!

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